Board Meeting Minutes Dec 2018

December 15, 2018

Attendees: Ubaid Khokar, Fareeda Ismaeel, Asadul Haque, Monirul Haque, Lateef Majeid,

Aamir Anwar

Proxies: Hamza Iqbal, Khawar Qureshi

Agenda Item 1: Transition activities to newly elected executive committee

- Need details of all monthly/yearly bills and associated accounts for both masjids. An

excel sheet needs to be sent out to previous account holders to fill in details of all accounts.

The details should include account name, number, purpose, web login usernames and


Action for : Br. Khawar, Sis Batul and Br. Monirul

- All Information related to communication accounts Facebook, Google, Hotmail should

be transferred to Br. Aamir Anwar

Action for: Br. Khawar

- ICOP’s official member list and information should be transferred to Sis Fareeda and

Br. Aamir.

- Action for: Br. Khawar

- Information related to ICOP PayPal accounts should be transferred to Br. Aamir & Sis


- Action for: Br. Khawar

- Authorized owners for all ICOP bank accounts and other financial accounts should be

Sis Fareeda, Br. Ubaid Khokar and Br. Asadul Haque

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Action for: Br. Khawar and Sis Batul, Br. Ubaid, Br. Asad and Sis Fareeda

- ICOP officers names should be updated in state records.

Action for: Br. Khawar

All actions need to be completed by Jan 4th , 2019.

Agenda Item 2: Selection of Advisory Council and Board Member for open position

- The board elected following Advisory Council members during the meeting,

o Br. Mohammad Farooq

o Dr. Akhter Ismaeel

o Sis. Seema Taufiq

- The board also confirmed the appointment of Dr. Youssef Al-Saghir for the remaining

position of the ICOP board. This is pending verification of Dr. saghir’s status as member

and donor of ICOP.

Agenda Item 3: Planning for ICOP General Body Meeting and Seerah Conference

- It is decided that General body meeting for ICOP will be held on Jan 26th at Collins rd

between 11 am – 3 pm. Food and fun activities for kids should be arranged.

o Br. Aamir will take care of all rentals (tents, fun and games)

o Br. Asad and Sis Fareeda will take care of food and engage others as necessary.

- ICOP will hold Seerah Conference in March, 2019. The exact dates to be decided based

on availability of location at UNF and speakers.

o Br. Ubaid will check on availability of speakers and conference hall

Agenda Item 4: By Laws Amendments

- Motion was approved by vote (5-3) to change the clause in ICOP By-Laws regarding

member eligibility for up to 150 miles radius from ICOP’s masjid location. It is proposed

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that members must reside within 50 miles radius of ICOP’s masjid to be eligible for ICOP’s

basic membership.

- Motion was approved unanimously to add term limit of 2 consecutive terms for

ICOP’s executive committee member for an assumed EC position.

- Motion was approved by vote (6 -2) to add Resignation notice and acceptance clause to

By-Laws. It is proposed that,

o Resignations must be submitted to board members via email or in writing mentioning

effective date and notice period.

o A grace period of 15 days is proposed for members to withdraw their resignation

o Executive committee should approve the resignation and send confirmation to board

member regarding acceptance.

- Motion was approved unanimously to make membership fees optional for members

who could not afford the fees after review by the board.

Agenda Item 5: Goals and Objectives for 2019

- Main goals for 2019 were discussed and responsibilities were assigned to develop

ideas/objectives and implementation plans by next board meetings. Key focus areas

and owners are,

o Bring more transparency in ICOP organizational activities – Br. Ubaid

o Community engagement and communication plans – Br. Aamir

o Islamic School and Imam – Br. Asad

o Financial reporting and fund raising – Sis Fareeda

o Future expansion plans and fund raising – Br. Khawar and Br. Monirul

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Thanks everyone for a very good meeting and healthy discussions.

Jazakallah Kher

Aamir Anwar


Islamic Center of Orange Park

Aamir Anwar