Board Meeting Minutes Mar 2019


Minutes of the meeting held on March 23, 2019.

Attendees: Ubaid Khokar, Fareeda Akhtar, Muhammad Farooq, Monirul Haq, Asadul Haq, Lateef Majeid, Aamir Anwar

Meeting held  on Feb 23, 2019 was deemed unofficial as quorum was not met. Therefore, no minutes were issued. 

Agenda Item 1: Masjid Security

A) Fence & Gate

Motion to put fence and gate at College Dr. Masjid was approved. The three steps in the process and people responsible are below,

1. Marking of boundary - Br. Asad

2. Fence quotes - Br. Lateif 

3. Gate quotes - Br. Aamir 

Project needs to be completed before Ramadan inshallah. 

B) Concealed Weapon

More community members need concealed weapon training. Calling police throughout the year is expensive. Discuss with interested brothers at both locations for getting concealed weapon license and coverage during Ramadan and Juma prayers. 

C) Lock the doors during Salat Timings

Lock doors and gates during salat timing and have a couple of brothers stay on vigilance while others are praying.  

D) Write letters to city police and FBI regarding added security for Masjids. 

Agenda Item # 2: Resignation of board members and appointment of new board members

The board was informed that Br. Khawar Qureshi and Br. Hamza Iqbal are resigning from their boards. The board have accepted their resignation. 

The board have accepted appointments of Br. Mohammed Farooq and Br. Khaled Hossain as the new board members.

Br. Bashir Hotaki's name was proposed for the final BOD position. Br. Aamir to discuss the nomination with Br. Bashir and get a vote on his nomination. 

Agenda Item 3: Ramadan Preparation

The board have approved $5000 funding for Huffaz arrangements during Ramadan. Board members to reach out to the community for their support to host huffaz during ramadan. 

A suggestion was made to bring speaker for eid Salat. The board is undecided about this matter considering availability of scholars during eid time. We are more likely to find local resources who can give eid khutba. 

Agenda Item 4: Quran Teaching Program at ICOP

It was proposed to evaluate possibility of getting Sheikh Mustafa Muftah to teach quran at Collins rd. masjed twice a week. This could be a good opportunity for the kids of Orange Park. Br. Ubaid to discuss with Sheikh Mustafa for his availability. 

Imam Position

Br. Ubaid is evaluating a candidate for part time Imam for Orange Park. 

Funding for Masjid Projects

Br. Aamir will follow up with community members who pledge for phase II of the collins rd. project, parking lot project and basket ball ct. project. 

Please let me know if I miss anything. Let's aim for our next meeting mid of April inshallah. 

Jazakallah Kher. 

Aamir Anwa

Aamir Anwar