Board of Directors

Shura Council


Board of Directors election takes place once a year in the month of November and Board member ends their term on December 31, and Start new term in January. Election Committee is responsible for all communication, nomination and holding an election.

Current Board of Directors

Ubaid Khokhar – President (Term Ends: 2020)

Asad Haque – Vice President (Term Ends: 2021)

Aamir Anwar – Secretary (Term Ends: 2021)

Fareeda Akhtar – Treasurer (Term Ends: 2021)

Md. Monirul Haque (Term Ends: 2019)

Latif Abdul Majid (Term Ends: 2020)

Bashir Hotaki (Term Ends: 2019)

Khaled Hossain (Term Ends: 2019)

Mohammad Farooq (Term Ends 2019)

ICOP Advisory Board (Non-Voting Members)

Tahir Shareef

Muhammad Ilyas

Seema Taufeeq

Akhter Ismaeel


ICOP Standing Committees (Non-Voting Members)

Election Committee

Finance Committee

Al-Faleh Sunday School

Social & Event Coordinator

Youth & Volunteer Outreach

Education & Sunday School

Religious Outreach & Spokesperson

Technology, Facility Management & Construction

Heroes of ICOP

We would like to thank the following past and present members of our community who have made significant contribution to the ICOP and the muslim community of Orange Park, FL.

Khawar Qureshi, Mahbub Faroqi, Dr. Wasim Ali, Seema Taufiq, Batul Fatima, Akhter Ismail Mohammed, Muhammad Ilyas, Ammar Shobeir

Jazakallah Khair for serving the community for last ten years, your contribution was truly appreciated by all community members. I have been myself witness for your contribution and your sincerity and taking ICOP to the next level WE established the ICOP from very limited resources and with the grace of Allah SWT, we now have two centers those serving the community and growing well. Alhamdulillah, community is standing behind it and helping ICOP on each step. THIS truly can’t be achieved without the grace of a Allah SWT and the commitment of brother like you.
— Dr. Muhammad Ilyas appreciating Brother Khawar and his service to ICOP