Board Meeting Minutes Jan 2019


Please see minutes of the meeting on Jan 12, 2019. 

Participants: Fareeda Ismaeel, Akhtar Ismaeel, Lateef Majeid, Aamir Anwar, Ubaid Khokar, Asadul Haque

Proxies: Hamza Iqbal, Khawar Qureshi

Update on ownership of ICOP's financial accounts: 

Transfer of ownership of ICOP's accounts with Bank of America is almost completed to newly elected EC. New account owners are still waiting for debit cards. Online account login are still pending for new account owners. Sister Fareeda received two check books from Sis Batul. Sister Fareeda will send out amount in each account to Br. Ubaid who will share it with the board. 

Transfer of ownership of ICOP's ACH accounts with Wells Fargo is still pending. Both previous and new account owners need to schedule appointment with the bank in order to complete the transfer. This action needs to be completed as soon as possible. 

Password for ICOP's paypal account was shared by Br. Khawar with Br. Aamir. 

Utility Bill Payments

Utility bills payment needs to be understood more clearly. Need help from Br. Khawar and Sister Batul to prepare a list of all utility bills account and method of payments.

ICOP Members List, Email, Facebook & Website

List of members still not available to the board - Sister Fareeda to work with Sister Batul to get the list of board members and their contact information. 

Email listserv, Facebook account and website password are shared with Br. Aamir. 

Motion is approved to have a separate ICOP website on an independent server. Br. Aamir to call Br. Ridwan. 

GB Meeting Jan 26, 2019 

- Program will run from 11 am - 3 pm 

- Meet and greet start at 11 am

- Agenda to include introduction of new members, sharing of ICOP's plan for 2019 and beyond, Feedback, changes in By-laws

- Membership forms to be given out

- Suggestion form and how can you volunteer to be printed, distributed and collected.

- Arrangements for chairs and bounce house. Br. Aamir

- Bar B. Q. arrangements - Br. Asad 

- Whatsapp message to community regarding support to prepare food. 

- Slides for Presentation - Br. Aamir and Br. Ubaid

Seerah Conference Mar 2, 2019

- Guest speakers are finalized

- Date is finalized

- Conference place is booked.

- Announcement for Seerah Conference to be made in Juma and email. 

- Food from apna bazaar - Br. Ubaid

- Procure square for fund raising - Br. Aamir will explore.

- Br. Obaid will work on cards/posters

Community Engagement Program

- Revival of Hayya Al-Falah Program from Feb 2019. Br. Majeid will be the speaker in February. 

- Basket Ball Ct. needs to be finished to provide activities for youth

- YM group meeting at ICOP - Br Ubaid

- YM orange park chapter to be considered - Br. Aamir/Br. Ubaid

- Linkedin JAX Muslim Professionals forum to be created - Br. Monirul/Br. Aamir

- Sunday school - Br ASAD will share his ideas with Sister Najma

- Women social support group to be revived 

Masjid Construction and Security

- Parking lot needs to be paved at College Dr. masjid. 

- Security camera's for the masjid - Br. Aamir

- Fence for College Dr. Masjid - Explore possibilities for an external contractor or volunteers to build the fence. 

Tableghi Jamaat must seek permission before coming to any ICOP masjid locations and are not allowed to stay overnight  due to security, liability and logistics concerns - Motion was approved by the board

By-Laws Amendments

- By laws amendment to be formalize and send to advisory council for approval - Br. Aamir

Please review and let me know if there any corrections or additions.