Ramadan Mubarak!


Assalamualaikum Community Members,  

As you all know Ramadan is fast approaching and Inshallah we want to be completely prepared to serve the community this Ramadan. We are looking for volunteers to join the Ramadan Committee to manage the month of Ramadan from Iftars, Parking, Fundraising, Security, Qiyam, Eid Event Coordination and much much more.

We encourage you to reach out and volunteer along with sharing your ideas on how we can have the best month of Ramadan. This beautiful month is a blessing for all of us and what better way to earn reward then to help the Masjid with you time and effort. If you or your anyone from your family is interested please get in touch with the Masjid. We will be holding a general interest meeting with the volunteers to plan out the responsibilities of the committee. May Allah reward you for everything you do in supporting the Masjid. (Ameen) 

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